The runner must care for themselves.

Running is not everything, it doesn’t solve everything, it cannot be the only thing you do to your body, you have to care for your body in all ways, in so many ways, in essential ways.


You must remember that only a fool believes he can do it all, that an idiot rejects the fact that he does not have access to all things and all knowledge.

Not everything is conquerable by the power of your intuition alone, sometimes you need information and knowledge that you just don’t have. That is your burden: the burden of having to have the wisdom to recognise your own weaknesses whilst trying to build your own strengths.


Can you go and look for someone who knows more than you and get there help?

Can you drop your pride and do that? Because I know it can be hard. Like running up a mountain. It can be hard like building a house. It can be hard, that is for sure, it can be hard. But it doesn’t matter! It doesn’t matter one bit! Not at all, not at all, NOT AT ALL! Because you only get one body, sure it may be difficult today, you may be busy or tired or just uncomfortable with the whole idea but to stay fit you need to get help!


I’m talking about professional, medical help.

You know what? I’ll admit it! I go to a physio every week. And it doesn’t make me less of a natural runner or anything like that, it just makes me better at running! It makes me be able to keep giving for longer and keep running stronger.

So yeah, get your legs involved!

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