I have less than a month to prepare until race day.

When you settle into a regular routine, time becomes difficult to keep track off. I’ve spent nearly 9 months living with my Aunt Beryl, here in Padstow and I’ve not worked a day since I arrived.

Don’t take me for a lazy layabout – I have every intention to get back into the world. Once I’ve got a grip on my health issues and I’ve got the all clear from the doctors, I’m looking forward to getting stuck back in to the working meat grinder.

I threw in my job at the Capital when I left. I was a chef, believe it or not.

The cliche of an overweight chef is one that I’m well aware of – still, it’s a cliche that I’m looking to break out of. The combined effects of the stress of the job; heavy weekends of drinking and endless smoking had left me a wreck but with the clean air and nothing but time on my side, I felt that I could get myself in shape for August.

Even though I’ve been running regularly (around 4 or 5 times a week) since October, I don’t feel like its become part of my persona yet. I’ve lost nearly three stone by simply walking every day and going for regular jogs – my Aunt Beryl’s diet has helped too. Although us Londoners are rarely known for our well rounded diets, Beryl had clearly done her research before I came down to live with her. She joked that even she had lost a few pounds since I’d been lodging with her.

Although I’d saved up a fair amount of cash before moving down, I knew I had to be careful once I was down here.

I knew that I’d always be able to find work down in Cornwall if needs be, but I didn’t want to. My plan was to focus completely on my health and forget about the stresses of the kitchen for a year. Since my cash flow had made a semi-permanent shift in the wrong direction, I’ve been finding ways to save ever since moving down.

The first challenge I met was purchasing several sets of plus-size running gear (no mean feat, even in London) without completely breaking the bank. The problem that I was facing was evident as soon as I stepped into the local sports retail outlet. The only plus-sized clothes I could find were cotton t-shirts, impractical for running, especially when any pace beyond a brisk walk was causing me to sweat profusely. Shoes were also an issue, I knew I was going to wear through running shoes in a matter of months, especially with the mileage I was looking cover – so I needed at least 2 or three pairs.

My salvation came in the form of an online wholesale sports outlet. Although I was forced to buy several t-shirts, pairs of shorts and trainers at once, the discount that I received on all of these was massive. With the race now a matter of weeks away, I’ve just cracked into my last pair of trainers.

Let’s just hope my legs will carry me over the finish line in one piece!

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